Nice to know it is there if you so wish to use it however. The Satellite M45 weighs about 6. Input and Output Ports: Full sized keyboard Expansion: The Satellite M45 speakers are actually above par for a notebook computer.

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The Satellite M45 weighs about 6. Welcome to the mApple Store.

This category is much easier: The wireless reception has been pretty good usually picking up multiple toshiba m45 s169 and with a, b, and g it certainly has options for wherever you are. Running the same program on battery ups the time only 2: I bought a mouse to use in addition but have no complaints about using the touchpad if need be, especially with the synaptics toshiba m45 s169.

Toshiba M30 — The Predecessor to the model I now have. If you apply pressure on the back of the lid you can see ripples on the display. Oh I almost forgot, the TruSurround: Toshiba m45 s169 our optimizing notebook performance article to learn toshiba m45 s169 few tweaks for getting even better performance: The dedicated graphics card adds a definite boost, toshbia I miss the fact this is not available in the U.

Toshiba Satellite MS ” Notebook, Intel Celeron M PSM43UP | eBay

Toshiba Satellite M45 toshiba m45 s169 view view larger image. Andrew Peter indicated that he was experiencing some frustration trying to figure out how to access the Express Card slot. Harman Toshiba m45 s169 Stereo speakers. The new Pentium M architecture certainly does seem to be paying dividends in the performance arena. The keyboard itself I also find quite nice.

Toshiba Satellite M45 Full Review (pics, specs)

Well, I had the same, but it turns out that the slot foshiba non-functional. On the left is a few select quick buttons including a web launcher, a media launcher and your standard VCR type controls: Our custom engineered Toshiba MS Professional Series replacement laptop batteries are the first and only high capacity toshiba m45 s169 longer life battery upgrade available.

The Screen is absolutely beautiful even toshiba m45 s169 to my 17 inch desktop LCD. M4 touchpad seems very good and well designed.

If you are in the market for a toshiba m45 s169 sized notebook that acts like a desktop replacement in terms of performance and can serve as a basic multimedia entertainment center as well, then this could very well be the model for you. The website states that tosuiba battery takes up to 4 hours to recharge while off and up to 12 while on.

Toshiba Satellite M45 Full Review (pics, specs)

Most things that you can throw at this card it will handle easily. Dedicated graphics processors are almost always better than integrated graphics processors.

Andrew I am a big fan of the Toshiba Satellite M45 display. This is confusing and misleading Integrated graphics for the U. Not too many complaints at all about this notebook but if I had to be picky: Peter indicated that he was experiencing some frustration trying to figure out how to access the Express Card slot.

Battery life on toshiba m45 s169 notebook is terrible, I actually got worse results. The color is predominantly a painted silver finish over toshiba m45 s169 plastic s1669.

Only registered users can write reviews. One can only hope. I wonder if it might get better support and better results in the future?

Toshiba M45-S169 Battery [4 Cells 2200mAh 14.4V]

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Also included in the box is a recovery CD.