It produces great quality music making every minute of your listening pleasurable! Maybe be a Microsoft update thing. I was having the same problems. Connect your earphones to the player and turn the power on and check the battery status. No ill effects so far! Search for FM frequencies in 50 kHz increments between

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The file list of the folder will appear.

Samsung YP-U2J User’s Manual

I dont know if it was this forum or another forum, but thank you to the individual samsung ypu2j mentioned to do a samsung ypu2j back from WM player 11 to They said sorry, out of warranty, bud. I’ve tried the reset several times that does nothing to change the blinking picture of the lock.

Can anyone halpme please. Sets the scroll samsunt to adjust the speed of the track title movement. System Reset System Reset Press the Reset Button at the bottom of the product with a pointed object such as a safety clip. I have noticed some strangeness with preferences changing over the last few days samung I am planning on flashing to the recommended firmware.

I have noticed some strangeness with preferences changing over the samsung ypu2j few samsung ypu2j and I am planning on flashing to the recommended firmware. It did not worked without doing that. Sony’s ZX2 is luxurious and pricey.

I did not change anything related to the spare part. I samsung ypu2j this and it worked, thanks for the fix. Not working on any computer. This may even implement OGG support, but I pyu2j verified that, and it’s sort of off-topic. Select the samsung ypu2j you want to sync transfer to your player.

The name and address of the location nearest you can be obtained by calling toll free or visiting our web site at www. If samsjng product gets wet, do not switch it on. This is so frustrating and Samsung support samsung ypu2j no help and insisted that this issue has never come up samsujg Samsung has come to market with samsung ypu2j YP-U2 and while the 1GB of storage and the price point is welcomed, it may not be enough to lure you away from the competition.

Samsung MP3 Player YP-U2J User Guide |

Open that drive drive J: I opened the peripheral manager and when I see the portable device appearing and disappering and can click fast enough to open the properties of the Samsung ypuj2 I can see 2 messages alterning in the property screen: This is samsung ypu2j because it was used for about a month or two on two computers. This was helpful 1. Transferring music to my player is so easy. Insert your player, hold the PLAY button while samsung ypu2j a paperclip into the reset button.

The only thing that can get me samskng long hours of travel time is music. samsung ypu2j

Ditto, same problem here. Check the current version and click the [Start] button of the Firmware Updater program to upgrade the Firmware. XP tells me a new MTP ypuu2j had been found, then that an error has occured and it is not working. Maybe be a Microsoft saksung thing. Table Of Contents, Chapter 2.

The system will be initialized. These instructions can be found in samsung ypu2j zip file. Please try again now or at a later time.

I had downloaded this driver and found the instructions on Ubuntu as well