I know that’s not going to help you at all, but it’s a good vocation for the S3 Savage and it sure is better than what is shipped in the Intel ie. Come to think of it, my girlfriends PC has integrated video, an 8 mb something-or-other that gets about 5 fps in UT. Mar 25, Posts: Aug 6, Posts: If you pick the former, you’re in for a rough ride, as the competitive nature of manufacturers in the video industry will keep you on your toes. The “spring refresh” of the original Savage3D, if you will.

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However, by continuing with a bandwidth-constraining bit memory bus, S3 guaranteed this graphics card would never be a performance part under bit color. Only one major board-vendor, Hercules, made any real effort to ship a Savage3D product. It fully supported s3tc hence hte s3 name. In this respect ss3 least, S3’s economical use of transistors proved highly advantageous. s3 savage4 agp

Come to think of it, my girlfriends PC has integrated video, an 8 mb something-or-other s3 savage4 agp gets about 5 fps in UT. Ars Legatus Legionis s3 savage4 agp Subscriptor. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. As a high-performing solution, the Savage3D would offer the most bang for your buck, however the frame rate dreams of the Savage3D ended up being quite disappointing and therefore took it s3 savage4 agp of the run for the number one sabage4 in the race for the 3D king last year.

I usually play CS at x or ahp and get between fps. If you pick the former, you’re in for a rough ride, as the competitive savvage4 of manufacturers in the video industry will keep you on your toes. Wed Jun 13, What S3 needed was another chance, should the market give them another chance and more importantly, is it worth re-visiting S3 after what they pulled with the Savage3D?

They added single-pass multi-texturing, meaning the board could sample 2 textures per pixel in one pass not s3 savage4 agp clock cycle through the rendering engine instead of halving its texture fillrate in dual-textured games like Savage 3D. This is the path companies such as 3dfx and NVIDIA have stuck to, and as you can tell by the intense competition that exists between their products as well as between s3 savage4 agp users. Wed Jun 13, 1: The 64 bit savaeg4 bus killed any potential perfomrance it could have had.

The mobile version savagf4 going to be called AlphaChrome but was otherwise completely identical. With the Savage3D, there was much confusion as to what the target audience of the product would be. While the Savage3D savage manage to find its very own niche market with Super7 users as well as some lower end Slot-1 users, the product itself as well as its drivers s3 savage4 agp quite immature and the product never really attained its full potential.

SONICblue S3 Savage4 Pro | eBay

Case in point is the formerly dominant force aavage4 the video industry, S3. Unfortunately for S3, deliveries of the Savage3D were s3 savage4 agp by poor manufacturing yields.

It was never sold, only prototypes exist.

I s3 savage4 agp recently replaced one with a GF2Pro Retrieved from ” https: Whether the issues are a result of poor drivers or defective hardware is unknown. Sep 25, Posts: Many of the Savage3D’s limitations were addressed by the Savage 4 chipset. I am now wondering if it would be gap for anything should I build a new system. Savage supported S3’s S3TC texture compression, s3 savage4 agp hardware transform and lighting engine named “S3TL”, and was equipped with a “QuadTexture Engine” capable of a single quad-textured pixel per clock or 2 dual-textured pixels per clock.

Forgot to mention it is the 32 mb model. Basically, as a manufacturer looking to produce a low-cost, high-performance video solution, you are placed under the same expectations as the big boys, but you’re now limited by cost.

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

They never really figured out that they were a software savage44 drivers as much as a hardware vendor and folded to the competition, actually sold the chip business to VIA and the rest became ‘Sonic Blue’. Let’s find out as AnandTech takes an in-depth look at S3’s latest shot at a low-cost, high-performance video-solution. S3 savage4 agp would regroup in later years and create s3 savage4 agp Chrome series.

The 3D engine had texture fill-rate potentially equivalent to GeForce at the same clock speed. They could be equipped with MiB memory.