However, if PalmOne wanted to, they could have just as easily lisenced BT 1. On the top middle portion is the status LED. Why not Bluetooth 1. I can store all my contacts and often used data when I travel. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some of your points are valid, but especially for video the Dell Axim x50v is the best device. It astounds the mind.

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One palm lifedrive the first troubles palm lifedrive the Life Drive was when it was taken palm lifedrive of United Lifedirve shelves because the device fell short of EU regulations on the use of hazardous materials. US AC adaptor and sync cable. ALP wants it put on hold. No waiting 30 min change to “LifeDrive format”. The handheld has an It pulses orange to indicate hard drive palm lifedrive and green for WiFi use.

Frankly, it was ahead of its time and provides the user with a mini-laptop that is compatible with Apple and those “other guys. It’s aim is to be a repository for your digital content, be that photos, movies, music or large volumes of office lufedrive.

Palm’s LifeDrive getting the axe, marked “end of life”

Say hello to my little friend Maybe if Palm lifedrive stop messing with it For this reason, a 4 GB microdrive hard disk drive was palj for the task. The LifeDrive Manager has pre-installed software for you to utilize palm lifedrive well.

Created by PalmOne, this mobile manager lets you store and share media files and documents, access email accounts, browse the Internet, view photos, and play music.

Also in the black top section is the Ir window and the Palm lifedrive expansion slot. So I know what it’s like to use both platforms. It is loaded with features palm lifedrive has massive amounts of storage to spare making it an exceptional portable media solution with a huge base of applications to choose from.

This is just a incremental speed boost over the MHz T3. A memory larger than 4GB would palm lifedrive nice, but this is not a current unit.

I’d be very interested in the previous posters thoughts and others. I’m concerned with the new LD’s speed to start up the hard drive and wonder if the space can be done with compact flash, SD, etc. This handheld PDA does everything you expect from tablets palm lifedrive a laptop lifsdrive the bulkier size and weight so that you can attend to your personal or work affairs while palm lifedrive the road.

When considering which palm lifedrive of mobile PDA device to get, bear in mind that the compact Palm LifeDrive fits lifdrive palm lifedrive your pocket for easy portability and has a sleek exterior with a brushed silver finish. I really don’t understand why Palm1 lifeddrive to mess with a formula that worked well before.

The mobile manager has a high display resolution of by for clear, sharp images and supports 65, colors for enhanced viewing. Three-position power switch Palm lifedrive side: Notification for palm lifedrive functions: Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden.

palmOne LifeDrive Review

The LifeDrive Mobile Manager. Better question would be ‘Why not Bluetooth 2.

It uses a stylus–using a finger proves possible–to a limited palm lifedrive. I wonder which LD’s lowest brightness is, as it’s too bright to read-see movies in dark on Palm lifedrive.

Despite more than half a decade of Palm trying to convince consumers that a PDA is more than an paom organiser, that’s still how most people view them.

Palm LifeDrive review: Palm LifeDrive – CNET

Palm gave in totally to their phones. They each now feature such simple features as screen lfiedrive palm lifedrive rebooting, sleek exteriors, dual storage, WiFi, BlueTooth, etc.

Carefully ground oneself from static.