Dec 15, at 5: Someone in their packing department still has some sort of tape fetish as every side of the inner packaging is sealed in those same circular sticker tape thingies. Post 3 of To put it simply: Those files were probably remastered in the process of conversion to DSD anyways, so any comparisons are moot anyways. No, create an account now.

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The rest of the spectrum feels nuforce udac the same except for the sub bass which also seems to have improved in clarity. I’ll only mention two that I currently have in my possession for direction comparison. Dec 17, at 5: Of the various headphones I tried, I feel the Fostex T50rp deserves special mention as an nuforce udac good pairing. Down to 40Hz it feels nuforce udac though there were almost a bit more kick right at the end.

Acting as spdif bridge and feeding into the Nuforce udac, the HDP sounds better than when it takes usb directly, with more clarity and crispness in the upper mids vocals. Mar 23, at The coax output is always on. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

Any lack in fidelity will be shown the glaring light of day thanks to the uDAC Jul 29, at 2: Post 12 of The usb cable supplied is slightly thinner than the nuforce udac that came with the uDac-2, but not flimsy by any means. Dec 15, at I do my best to remain impartial and informative, with splashes of subjective impressions sprinkled throughout. nuforce udac

[review] NuForce uDac-3 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Thanks for the review. This is where I generally say that I was surprised by just how well the little thing performed. Everything is treated evenly and nuforce udac balance.

GadgetyNews direct to your inbox Email address: So they compared each other and made some comparisons against Audioquest Dragonfly. Tipping the scales at 90g also means you would hardly notice the extra nuforce udac. You must log in or sign nuforce udac to reply here.

Post nuforce udac of For me the most important question is: I sent a question to support nuforce, I’ll let you know their answer. The outputs get gold-plated connections as well. A typical headphone nuforce udac high sensitivity will nufocre out your ears before your reach 12 o’clock on the pot. Do you already have an account? The jacks likewise seem well built and don’t suffer from any extraneous wobble.

Optoma NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/amp review

This was fixed by simply hitting stop then play again, but as time went on the freezes becomes more frequent until I couldn’t get through a single song. The uDAC-3 is light and small, which makes it extremely portable. There does exist a very slight channel imbalance at the very lowest levels, but this is pretty much present in every analog taper pot that I have ever nuforce udac so no biggie nuorce. I have separate DACs in my main and computer nuforce udac.

Not sure nuforce udac, but that makes me sad. Ok No Read more. I have enjoyed their products for many years, and their customer service has been excellent for me.